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To view my artwork, please click on the image galleries below.

Price range $300-1,000.

Original Prints


My often one-of-a-kind prints frequently integrate a variety of techniques combining simultaneously the precise craftsmanship of traditional intaglio with monotype printing of a more painterly nature. 


In my series ‘Promises of Life’ the alchemical process of printmaking is used to allegorize the Alchemists’ work with Prima Materia, the unmanifested material that must be given form.

Works on Paper


When creating my works on paper, I build my mixed-media images through multiple layers of charcoal, ink, paint, pigment and chine collé.   

These works are part of a collaborative project titled 'In Wait' by Full Circle Art Collective, which is a contemplative response to our personal experiences and the shared communal psyche as we have examined an ordinary part of life: the ubiquitous act of waiting.

Collaborative Projects


Collaborative projects are wonderful opportunities to work with other artists in a deep and exciting way.

I enjoy both the challenge that they present to my individual process and practice, as well as the novel art that is created as a result of the synergy. 


Some of the artists that I have cooperated with include Vappu Johansson, Wendy Morosoff Smith, Heather Aston, Julie McIntyre, Rina Pita, Milos Jones and Jocelyn Barrable Segal.




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